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groupe titre label genre pays date
Action nano Catch the pills M-tronic Electronica France 2008-07-30
Mind necrosis factor Dukha Audiotrauma Ambiante France 2008-08-31
Phllox One day in the ambulance auto Electronica France 2008-08-31
EPK Saionara analogik Batcave France 2008-09-01
Revo MCMLXXX Jarring effect Electro France 2008-09-16
Flint glass Travelling light by eretsua Electronica France 2008-09-17
Follow me not Laymelow Auto France 2008-09-28
Phllox Wasp attack auto Electronica France 2008-09-30
Syn Lamachine Auto Experimental France 2008-10-04
Baxter lilly Dort wo Audiotrauma Crossover Belgique 2008-10-06
Le diktat Room 101 Audiotrauma Industrial France 2008-12-30
Foretaste Go edit Boredom Synthpop France 2009-01-06
Dk danse L'emprise des balles Dtrash records Crossover France 2009-01-09
Hibou in goth we trust Posthume Doomcore France 2009-01-19
Darkly pale vs EMPI Darkly noon aXesscode Ambiante France/Canada 2009-01-23
Detritus vs Iszoloscope Sympsium aXesscode Industrial Angleterre/Canada 2009-01-23
Assisted Brain by O vs Shuggha Break me in aXesscode Electro tekno France 2009-01-24
Christopher Kah A wonderful Darkworld aXesscode Electro France 2009-01-24
Christopher Kah My girl aXesscode Electro France 2009-01-24
Lith vs Shizuka 2nd Mutation aXesscode Industriel France 2009-01-25